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You smke since how many years
Particular family antecedents ( like cancer for breast operations)
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Among the following list, which intervention do you want to profit:
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1. Otoplasty
2. Botoxes
3. Injectable fillers
4. Mesolift
5. Ccomplete lifting
6. Lifting + neck
7. Face feminizing

Eyelid surgery
8. Blepharoplasty : 2 eyelid
9. Blepharoplasty : 4 eylid

Nose surgery
10. Rhinoplasty

Dental Surgery
11. Tooth whitening
12. Ceramic crowns
13. Dental establishment

• Body
14. buttocks
15. Abdominal Lipoaspiration + hight
16. Abdominal apron + buttocks
17. Only Abdominal apron
18. arms/thighs lifting

• Breast
19. Breat reduction
20. Breast augmentation
21. Breast lifting

22. Hair transplants
Si vous désirez bénéficier d'une augmentation mammaire, précisez la taille actuelle de votre bonnet de soutiengorge ainsi que la taille désirée:
Current size :
Size wished:
Medical and surgical antecedents
Do you have allergic antecedents??
If Yes, with which drugs or products are you allergic ?
Do you have cardiovascular antecedents ?
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Are you diabetic?
if Yes, are you under treatment ?
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Are you treated for a particular affection?
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Are you treated for another pathology? Thank you to specify all your treatments in progress (aspirine, pills…)
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Treatment 3 :
Already profited of a plastic surgery intervention ?
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Have already undergoes a surgical operation (other than plastic surgery) ?
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                      Number of childrens :
                      Childen's age:
Do you wish to profit from particular activities during your stay (spa, excursions…)

To receive your personalized estimate and the opinion of our surgeons, do not forget to join photographs of face and profile of the concerned area .












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